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Hauraki Cycle Trail


Can anyone use the Rail Trail?

Anyone can use the Rail Trail for private recreational use. There is no charge for such users and all parts of the Rail Trail are available.


Do commercial operators have to get permission from the Trust to be associated with the Rail Trail?

Any commercial operator who wants to advertise on the web page, have bookings taken through the Rail Trail booking system or use the branding associated with the Hauraki Rail Trail must enter into a Partnership Agreement with the Trust. If a person wants to run a commercial operation that directly uses the Rail Trail, such as bike hire or guided tours, they will need to get a concession from the Trust, similar to the concessions that are required to undertake commercial operations on the Department of Conservation estate.


What will a concession cost and how do you apply for one?

Applications for concessions will need to be made to the Hauraki Rail Trail Charitable Trust who will consider each application on its merit. There is an initial set up fee which covers the cost of putting the commercial operator’s details on the website and booking system. Apart from that there is no ongoing annual fee but bookings will need to be through the Trust’s website and a commission of 15% will be taken on all bookings for activities associated with the Rail Trail. Further details can be found on the official Hauraki Rail Trail website http://www.haurakirailtrail.co.nz/


How can accommodation providers partner with the Rail Trail and what do they pay?

Accommodation providers wishing to be associated with the Trail and use its branding will be required to make use of the web booking system as part of its partnership agreement with the Trust. Any bookings made through the booking system will attract the 15% commission. To ensure the sustainable funding of the Rail Trail any bookings made by users of the Rail Trail will be put through the booking system.


What is the Rail Trail branding?

The Hauraki Rail Trail is part of Great Rides New Zealand and carries the prestigious Nga Haeranga New Zealand Cycle Trails branding. In addition to this the Hauraki Rail Trail has its own branding. A business that carries these brands will be recognisable and have extensive local and national exposure. The Hauraki Rail Trail logo has been trademarked.

Businesses will be able to use this branding provided they pay the appropriate fee and meet some minimum standards.

The Trust is responsible for growing the Rail Trail brand nationally and internationally.


6 Wharf Street, Paeroa, Hauraki, NZ

Hauraki Cycle Trail