Hauraki, North Island, NZ

Tel: 021 525 515 (within NZ)
Tel: +64 27 241 0858 (international)

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Trail Trust

Hauraki Cycle Trail


Bike Hire

Please see Bike Hire for further information.

Luggage Transfer

We can transfer bags between your accommodation locations. The cost for baggage transfer is:

$20.00 per bag per transfer, minimum of two bags over winter season


Please note that due to Health & Safety Policies, the maximum bag weight is 12kg. The main reason for this weight limit is so that we don't overwork our fantastic staff. Try shifting more than a few bags at 12kg each and you'll find out what we mean!

Sorry to all 20kg'ers, we will divide and conquer your luggage.

Secure Vehicle Parking

Secure vehicle parking in Paeroa is available by arrangement.

Sherpa Shuttle Service

The Sherpa Shuttle Service currently runs On Demand 7 Days a Week. See our Sherpa Shuttle Transfers for further information.


Torches are available for hire from our Paeroa Base - it is recommended that you take/wear a torch if you are doing the Windows Walk.

Hauraki, North Island, NZ

Hauraki Cycle Trail